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Ruth Mangual - owner and pastry chef at Azuca Patisserie
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Feeding both the body and soul

Hola! My name is Ruth Giraldo-Mangual.  I am a native New Yorker residing in New Jersey. I am the Executive Pastry Chef and Owner of Azuca Patisserie.


I am an experienced Executive Pastry Chef and Pastry Instructor.  I have have worked at high-end Hotels, Restuarants and Country Clubs in New York, where celebrities like Mariano Rivera, Donatella Versace, Pennelupe Cruz, Beyonce and Jay-Z and other high profiled individuals have enjoyed my desserts and pastry creations. 


I  am a Spiritual Director. Another name for Spiritual Director is a prophetic counselor. I do not give you the answers. The answers are in you.


Visit my Chef for the Soul page to learn more.



My Abuelitas was my most significant influence. My grandmother Eva was a single mother of six, a self-taught pastry chef, entrepreneur, and a devoted Christian. My fondest memories were around the kitchen table as I listened to her experiences with a God who provides while watching her create beautifully delicious cakes, cinnamon buns, and hot cross buns. 

My Abuela Lydia and my Abuelo Louis owned a restaurant in Puerto Rico. My Abuelita Lydia taught me how to cook at a very young age. From making sofrito to purchasing from the local butcher and markets. 

These desserts are created to honor ALL our grandmothers and mothers who cooked and made the best desserts we have ever tasted. Their labor of love continues to live. My desire is that desserts will invoke beautiful memories created with the best ingredient, LOVE.

Bread Pudding from Azuca Patisserie
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